The “International Day of Yoga 2022” was celebrated with great enthusiasm at our School this year. Maximum number of Students and Teachers took active part in this celebration. In reference to the earlier report on the list of suggested activities sent to the BOARD, our School has conducted several of them class wise. The International Day of Yoga started with a Special Assembly observing the said programme; followed by doing the basic Yoga Asana i.e., Surya Namaskar done by the students of all classes and some teachers. The various activities carried out throughout the celebration are given below with a few pictures enclosed.
    1. “A group poster writing competition was held, highlighting the benefits of Yoga” for the classes 3 to 5.
    2. “Taking pledge to practice Yoga every day at least for 10 minutes” – Pledge taken by the students of classes 6 to 8.
    3. “Speaking 5-10 lines about one’s favourite Yoga pose/asana” for the classes 3 to 5.
    4. “A solo Drawing competition based on Yoga/Yoga poses & Essay/Paragraph writing competition on topics such as ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’/’A BODY IN GOOD HEALTH’/’A PREVIEW OF YOGA IN THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT’ for the students of classes 6 to 8.
    5. Students of class 5 performing a few famous Yoga Asanas.
    6. “A fusion Group Dance performance of Yoga poses with an Indian Classical dance form” was presented by some students of classes 9 & 10.
    7. Tributes were paid to the Yoga Gurus of India, e.g., ‘Swami Ramdev’, ‘Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’, ‘Sadhguru’ etc. by speaking a few lines about them and their contribution for promoting Yoga. This was done in the Special Assembly by the Teachers and some students of classes 9 & 10.